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Online Yoga


Monday 7-8pm GMT*

Starts Monday 2nd January 

Classes combine slow and faster flows, postures held for longer to allow time to drop deeper into them. We’ll be mixing in breathwork (pranayama), yogic philosophy and stories, meditation and honouring the cycles within us and around us. We may also do the occasional Yoga Nidra too, if we need a collective rest.

As always we will be following our intuition so the invitation is to take what you need from each class.

*or use the recording for up to a week and practice again or in your own time.


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Want to work 1-2-1?

There are many reasons people choose to work 1-2-1. 

Work with me online or in person. 

Short term, long term or one off. 

  • Deepen your practice, focusing on particular aspects 

  • Take time to rest in a supportive environment 

  • Bespoke sessions for different times of the year and month 

Get in touch to discuss what you need from your own practice. 

Price List

Pay as you go

£8 per class

Not sure what you'll be up to?  Why not drop in when you can. 

You'll be sent the recording so you can  repeat the class as many times as you like for a week.

Class Pass

£36 for 6 classes

Drop in when you can or request a recording and practice that week in your own time as many times as you like.

Monthly Pass

£24 for 4-5 classes per month

Know you're free every Monday why not buy a monthly pass! 

You'll be sent the recording so you can  repeat the class as many times as you like for a week.

Yoga Classes & Prices : Price List

Want to join a class?

1. Sign up

Sign up by using the 'subscribe form' at the bottom of this page (you only have to do this once). 

2. Email 

I'll email you with options for classes and payments. 

3. Don't forget to choose a playlist

Head to Spotify to listen to this month's slow flow playlist.

4. See you on the mat! 

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Yoga Classes & Prices : Subscribe
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