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The Pleasures of Lammas

Did you know there is a town called Lammas in Norfolk? Me neither! We were just mere miles from Lammas (Norfolk) on Lammas!

Lammas sits equidistant between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox and despite falling on the 1st August marks a move towards the dark half of the year. The evenings are noticeably shorter but the land is abundant - crops are overflowing, flowers are in full bloom and faces are sun kissed.

Lammas this year was celebrated with beer & bread (as is, honestly, tradition!) whilst we took stock of the past few months and shared what we'd be taking with us in to the second half of the year.

For me it was simple, I will continue to take pleasure in life and give myself permission to intentionally do things I enjoy and love. Sounds simple enough but for many of us, myself included, let the 'oughts' and 'shoulds' creep in everywhere. So I raise my (half full) glass to eating the last slice of cake, kissing passionately and letting the dishes pile up while we chat a little longer; the washing up can always wait!

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