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Perfectionism thrown in to the Beltane fire

May 1st arrived and so too did my first sister circle!

We gathered for a wonderful 90 mins to move our bodies, rest our minds and create an intention for the coming months from a place of love, compassion and self worth.

My intention was to throw perfectionism out the window and put myself out there un-polished but ultimately happier and more connected than having not put myself out there in the first place.

I took my intention, bound in a ribbon and anointed with my prayers, and tied it to a Fairy Tree at Coldrum Long Barrows.

Coldrum Long Barrows is a megalithic burial chamber in Kent. It dates back 6,000 years which is 1,000 years old than Stone Henge! Evidently, people had been up all night celebrating as the Beltane fire was only just cold. We'll have to join them next time...

We meet again in just 6 short but sun filled weeks' time at the Summer Solstice.

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